I'm a musician, why should I add my songs to Clowdy?

Meet Jimmy, a musician who has created some of the most remarkable songs that he recorded in his basement. Unfortunately he doesn't have a record deal. The creative individual that Jimmy is, means he also creates artwork for his music, and has even made a mini documentary about the local show he did. At the moment he uploads his music to a popular video site, which is annoying as he needs to create a slideshow or video to go with the music. He uploads his artwork to a photo sharing site and his documentaries to yet another video site. Jimmy finds it irritating that he has to upload all this content on different services, it is very disjointed.

So what's the solution for Jimmy? Yeah you've probably guessed it at this point? Clowdy can do all of this on one simple platform, and type of digital file and share it any way you want.

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